What is Triggercoaching?

Trigger Coaching is a short lasting coaching trajectory during which the elimination of ineffective behavior is the central focus. This method implies that one goes back to past experiences that lie at the basis of overly emotional behaviour from a position of the here and now. Through guidance (in words and silence) the coach will help the coachee to give a new meaning to the negative experience(s) of the past. The emotional charge is reduced, and even during the session itself it is possible for the coachee to feel changes in the reaction of body and mind when thinking back on that past situation.

 Trigger Coaching has evolved from EMDR; this is a relatively new approach that was developed by the American psychologist Francine Shapiro in 1989. By now, the effectiveness of this method has been proven on numerous occasions by scientific research and experimental studies. The difference between Trigger Coaching and EMDR is that the first focuses on coaching where EMDR focuses on therapy. Trigger Coaching is specifically designed to look more closely at the obstacles that one comes across at work, and is focused on the improvement of one’s performances and on dealing better with emotions.