What can it do for you?

Triggercoaching turns out to be effective for those who deal with impeding patterns of behaviour, such as issues to do with negative self-image, stress, burnout and anxiety. These patterns operate mostly at an unconscious level. Trigger Coaching provides us with a way to deal with these unconscious or conscious patterns that from a cognitive perspective are not possible or difficult to change into adequate behaviour. Trigger Coaching enables people to put a stop to harmful mechanisms within a short time period. This results in the fact that they come into their own much more at work and therefore also in their private lives.

The trigger of impeding behavioural patterns is often stressful situations, such as changes at work or in a person’s private life. These are situations that everyone gets to deal with: a new job, reorganization, father- or motherhood and other elements of personal development. Trigger Coaching can specifically help a lot when done in an individual setting. However, Trigger Coaching can also contribute positively to these kind of personal processes when done in small groups.

Why is Triggercoaching so valuable?

I have been working with EMDR for many years now, and every time it happens I am astonished by the great positive effect it has on people. The good thing about it, is that it has a long lasting effect; the newly gained insights remain embedded in the mind. Another reason why I like this method so much, is that there are quick results. This is why I developed Trigger Coaching especially for organizations. In the end it is often ineffective behaviour that is the cause of failure and and undermines success in organizations. I am convinced of the fact that Trigger Coaching is an important tool for organizations. What organization would not want their people to realize their full potential and deal well with their emotions? And perhaps what is most important, for everyone to be happy to come to work every day? An obvious consequence is that absence through sickness is hereby significantly reduced.

Would you like to experience what Triggercoaching can do for you? You can send an email to info@triggercoaching.nl or call +31 613223839 without any further obligations.