How does it work?

Trigger en Ankh

The positive effects of Trigger Coaching have clearly been proven, but how it works exactly is not entirely clear yet. In general terms it comes down to the fact that Trigger Coaching stimulates the natural processing mechanism of body and mind. This is why it is possible to achieve good results quickly, without the person having to practise a lot with new behaviour. Clients say that they react differently to situations after Trigger Coaching.

For example:

 ‘Earlier coaching trajectories did not take me further than to understand why I was always reacting so strongly when feeling personally attacked. However, I did not manage to change my behaviour. Since having Trigger Coaching I did manage to change my behaviour; it seems as if it stimulates a different part of me, rather than trying to solve things through rational analysis’.

‘I used to get very angry when feeling as if I was not taken seriously. However, the last time it happened I realized I was able to react calmly’.

‘I would not have said anything in the past, but this time I told them what I thought. My colleagues’ reaction was very positive and they were surprised by my input’.