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Coaching agency Dynamo was founded by Willeke van Barneveld in 2000.Pasfoto

I have my practice in both Utrecht and Den Bosch. I work as a psychologist, coach and trainer and have broad experience in practicing in the field of financial services, clerical and operational departments of a range of companies, healthcare and commercial institutions.

After taking several modules in psychology at the Open University, it became clear to me that I wanted to take a more practical approach towards studying psychology. This is why I chose to do a degree in Psychology at an HBO institution. It turned out to suit my desire to immediately apply what I learned much better. After concluding my studies in 2006, I took additional courses in EMDR, EFT, Family and Organisational Constellations at the Academy for Applied Philosophy. I also did a masterclass in change management at the School for Training and a masterclass Coaching and Solution-oriented coaching and change. These courses as well as my training in Effective Intuition with Carolina Bont, are of great significance in my practice on a daily basis.

Central themes in both my job and personal life are personal development and the uniqueness of every person. It makes me happy when people realize that they are the governors of their lives and that they can make their own positive choices. Issues that arise in this context are for example: 

  • How is it possible that I am overwhelmed by my emotions?
  • I meet the same obstacles again and again; how can I overcome these?
  • How do I gain more confidence in myself?
  • Who am I?
  • What am I really good at?
  • What would I like to achieve and how do I manage that?

It helped me a lot to find an answer to these questions for myself, so that is why I wish to help others in finding clarity in this respect. For me it has meant that after a long period of searching, I am finally (since 15 years) doing a job that suits me completely. This is what I wish for everyone.

And this is how my own development continues. Because of working with EMDR for many years, my desire grew to also be of service to people who work in the business world. This is how I developed Trigger Coaching. It makes me so happy to see how great change is possible already after the first session, such as is described here by a 42 year old client:

'I went to Willeke a few weeks after an experience I had when I worked late one night. As I was leaving for home, I was surprised by the presence of a confused man who had entered the office building where I work. I managed to get away, but since then it became difficult for me to go to work. I kept reliving the feelings that I experienced that night as soon as I would enter the building. The immediate effect of Trigger Coaching was incredible! One session sufficed and I am happy to go to work again!'

Would you like to read more experiences? See References.

Would you like to experience what Trigger Coaching can do for you? You can send an email to info@triggercoaching.nl or call +316 13223839.

Working experience

  • Therapist for individuals and couples; visit www.praktijkdynamo.nl

  • Coaching of managers and employees in change processes; including outsourcing projects:

    • Stimulating all those involved to accept change and discover and take advantage of the positive sides of change
    • Coaching managers in how to stimulate their employees to use their full potential, also in times of reorganizations or other processes of improvement
    • Confidential Advisor to all those involved
  • Training and coaching in development processes, for example:

    • Personal efficiency and effectiveness. Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing what I do in the right way?
    • Coping with stress
    • Communication skills, especially through Nonviolent Communication
    • Social skills and assertiveness
    • Teambuilding
    • Goal-oriented coaching: what is my goal in life? How do I see my goals and how can I make use of my full potential and talents?

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