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Paul Schmidt, entrepreneur 
As an entrepreneur I met Willeke for the first time many years ago. We worked (guidance and coaching) for the same company at the time. The assignment took place in the context of a large reorganization bearing many consequences for the people who worked there. 

Words that describe Willeke for me are integrity, care and empathy. She values achieving concrete results, which means that this aim is never out of sight. It is about results for both the organization and the people who work there. She is a professional woman that I am very happy to recommend to organizations and individuals that seek guidance when it comes to problems regarding human resources or personal problems.

Stef Merlijn, coach and software developer
Willeke is a beautiful person with a strong personality and completely in her element at work. She is truly interested in the person sitting opposite her and offers a safe space where anything can be expressed. This in combination with her patience and natural calm, makes her a coach I would heartily recommend.

Anonymous, documentary maker and director
Willeke has a warm and empathetic personality, but is focused on results at the same time. She really knows how to get a person to acknowledge his emotions without having to know all the details. This is why it is a pleasant experience to work with her. I felt a large difference after a very short amount of time.

Ton van Kattenbroek, communication advisor and creative coach
As Trigger coach, trainer and psychologist, Willeke is specialized in helping people who find it difficult to take steps in order to move forward. This is because there is something that is stopping them. In many cases it is because their attitude and behaviour have been affected by negative experiences from the past.

Triggers are events or external stimuli affecting people because of their indirect link to these negative experiences. They are the source of undesirable situations taking place in relationships in private life as well as between colleagues working together in teams. In her role of Trigger coach Willeke tries to find what these triggers are in people and helps them to deal with these triggers in a different way so that they are able to move forward in the way they wish to.

Willeke is described as a warm and empathetic person who is able to create a safe space for people in order for them to open up more quickly. She is a reliable and driven professional who focuses on results. She aims to bring people back in touch with their (mostly hidden) strengths and to stimulate them to acknowledge and use these instead of having their life be defined by negative traits and emotions. Because of her ability to empathize and her own life experience as regards personal development and relationships, Willeke is a valuable coach who knows how to combine great depth with decisiveness. By now, many people have experienced that they can move forward because they came to realize what was stopping them.

Lucien Kraag, independent entrepreneur
Willeke is friendly, understanding and empathetic, but also knows how to keep the appropriate distance during sessions. I see her as a coach, psychologist who has a natural way of working and knows how to intuit her client. The sessions feel natural rather than mechanical. What I mean is that it does not feel as though it is about following a strict protocol. She knows how to make sure that I feel comfortable and have the courage to speak openly during the sessions without having the feeling that I am judged.
I would say a great collaboration, because that is how I think back on it.

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