Clients’ experiences


Male, 52 years old
For me the value of Trigger Coaching especially lies in the fact that it made me think. Or more adequately expressed…it made me feel. I believe that the past has made a person into who he is today and there is no use in looking back. I honestly have to say that I (partly) changed my mind about that. This is because some of my past experiences led to convictions that stand in the way of ‘happiness’ and ‘well-functioning’ in the present and future. Willeke helped me gain this insight and to take steps to change in the way that I choose to.

Female, 46 years old
Willeke managed to get to the core of my problem in a very short amount of time by showing compassion and listening to me with true interest in a very professional and empathetic way. Calmly and with wisdom she helped me gain valuable insights towards taking large steps ahead on my path of personal growth and happiness. I wish that for everyone.

Male, 32 years old
For a long time I had been walking around with a backpack of 30 kg. I felt as though I could not get ahead in my life. I felt as though I was constantly banging my head against a brick wall, a wall of emotional blockages built up by things that happened in my life. I took several courses, such as NLP, stress counseling, training in conflict management & mediation and a myriad of books that I then felt would help me get ahead.

However, what I did not manage to do on my own was the actual act of breaking the wall down. At that point I got in touch with Willeke and made an intake appointment. During that conversation we came to the conclusion that Trigger Coaching would be a perfect technique for me to take off that heavy backpack and break down the wall. Thanks to this method I have been able to accept and forgive myself after two sessions. The emotional blockages I carried along with me have been dissolved. I feel well again, I feel great and full of energy and vitality.

Female, 42 years old
I went to Willeke a few weeks after an experience I had when I worked late one night. As I was leaving for home, I was surprised by the presence of a confused man who had entered the office building where I work. I managed to get away, but since then it became difficult for me to go to work. I kept reliving the feelings that I experienced that night as soon as I would enter the building. The immediate effect of Trigger Coaching was incredible! One session sufficed and I am happy to go to work again!

Female, 31 years old
Following the advice of one of my colleagues, I went to see Willeke in November last year. I did not feel good about myself, and had been having very bad headaches for six months.
I realized that I had been holding in too much, and that I had been holding back my emotions. Willeke introduced me to Trigger Coaching. I remember feeling nervous. Even though I was not always looking forward to the sessions as a lot of emotions were released, I am happy that I did it. Willeke helped me feel better about my life. I am more able to let go of things and put them into perspective.
I like the way in which Willeke does her job: she is transparent, without judgment, gives confidence and holds up a mirror in a pleasant way.

Thank you Willeke and see you in a few months!


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